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Vernon Township Field Permit Request

  1. Dates & Times Requested
    List specific dates and times in order of importance.

    Only list dates you will use! You will be charged for all dates you receive during the scheduling of fields. Times will be scheduled in 2.5 hour increments only.

    Do not schedule on Wednesdays. Wednesdays are already reserved.
  2. Fees for 2.5 Hours
    - Resident Rate: $75.00
    - Nonresident Rate: $112.50
  3. I have read the rules governing the use of Vernon Township fields and agree that the group using the requested athletic field on the above date and times will abide by them. I also understand additional rules and rule changes may occur at any time. I understand these rules are non-negotiable and Vernon Township is the final authority on all rules and regulations pertaining to the Vernon Township fields.
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