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Vernon Township Summer Camp Emergency Form 2021

  1. Vernon Township Summer Camp Emergency Form 2021
  2. Names of friends or relatives to contact if the above cannot be reached.
  3. Physician to be called in case of emergency
  4. For safety reasons all medication MUST be in original prescription bottle with dosage and name clearly marked. I hereby release and hold harmless Vernon Township, its officers, employees, staff and agents, from any and all liability resulting from or arising out of the administration of authorized medication or medications to my child during camp hours.
  5. Camp staff has permission to apply:
  6. I authorize the Vernon Township staff to take whatever emergency medical measures are deemed necessary for the protection of my child while in their care. I give my consent, in the event that all reasonable attempts by authorized Township personnel to contact me or the other persons listed above have been unsuccessful, for:

    1)    The administration of any treatment deemed necessary by the physician listed above or, in the event the listed physician is not available, or by another physician; 

    2)    The transportation of my child by ambulance to Condell, Lake Forest or Highland Park Hospital, or any hospital reasonably accessible. 

    This authorization does not cover major surgery unless the medical opinions of two licensed physicians concurring in the need for such surgery are obtained prior to the performance of such surgery.

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