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Stevenson Parking Permit Application

  1. SHS Student Parking Permit Application - Prairie View Metra Station

    To obtain a pass, complete and submit the online application. Once your form is submitted, a space will be reserved for you on a first come, first serve basis, by section. Payment for your parking space, along with the picking up of the permit will be arranged with the Township by email. If the student does not come at the arranged pickup time, their reserved spot will be forfeit and they will be reassigned the next available space. Payment must be made in cash or check (made payable to Vernon Township) only.

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    Can only request two consecutive months at one time.

  4. This will be the primary contact method, please provide the best email address.

  5. Thank you for your student parking pass application. Township staff will be in touch with you shortly to schedule pickup and payment of your monthly parking pass. Please enter your email again below to receive a copy of this application.

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