Vernon Township
Gary P. Raupp, Assessor

Gary P. Raupp


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     The Vernon Township Assessor is your liaison to the Chief County Assessment's Office.  The Office of the Assessor provides professional help on your real estate assessments, tax bills and related items.

Assessor Documents:

Commercial Building Vacancy Affidavit

Quadrennial Assessment Year 2015

Annual Town Meeting (2015)

“My Assessment went down... why didn’t my taxes?”

Calculation of Tax Rates

Some other services provided are:

  1. Value all non-exempt properties

  2. Assist in filing Senior Homestead Exemptions (Click here for forms)

  3. Assist in filing Senior Citizen assessment freeze homestead exemptions (Click here for forms)

  4. Distributes literature concerning assessment and tax bill process

  5. Provides help applying on line for Benefit Access Program (formerly known as Circuit Breaker) (Click here for forms)

  6. Provides information requested for Assessment Appeals

  7. Homeowners Exemption (Monitor and grant for owner occupied residential properties)

  8. Request Tax Bill address changes

  9. Assist in filing Agricultural Valuation

  10. Comparable documentation provided

  11. Cross-Reference of permanent real estate number and address

  12. Home-Improvement Exemptions (Monitor qualifying properties for $75,000 full market value or $25,000 assessment reduction

  13. Tax bill amounts

  14. Names and addresses supplied for properties applying for variances

  15. Records are considered public information
        Information available includes:


    1. sales prices

    2. assessments

    3. building sizes, etc.

    4. year built

    5. permits

    6. lot sizes or dimensions

  1. Free Notary Public for Vernon Township Residents

  2. Attend both County and State level hearings for properties within Vernon Township

  3. Adjust assessments for factual error's in description such as the wrong square footage, number of bathroom plumbing fixtures, etc.

ATTENTION VERNON TOWNSHIP SENIORS - Please note, you do NOT have to reapply for your senior exemption. This is only required in Cook County.