Vernon Township

Daniel C. Didech, Supervisor


Vernon Township Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive information about summer camp?

Camp information will be mailed in the Winter issue of the Vernon Township Newsletter. (Mailed in November) Only residents of Vernon Township will receive the newsletter.

How do I know if I am a resident?

Vernon Township services are available to residents in all or portions of the villages of Buffalo Grove (north of Lake Cook Road), Indian Creek, Lincolnshire, Long Grove, Mettawa, Riverwoods and Vernon Hills (south of Rt. 60); the city of Lake Forest, and Mundelein and unincorporated Prairie View.

What if I don't receive a newsletter?

You can come into the Vernon Township offices at 3050 Main Street in Buffalo Grove to pick up a copy. This newsletter is mailed at a bulk rate and we will not mail it to individuals. You can also print applications for camp directly from our web site.

What are the age groups?

Camp is for children ages 4 - 7 years old. Our cut off date for the 4 - 7 year old camp is September 1st. (Example, a child turning 5 on August 20th will participate in the 5 year old camp. A child turning 5 after September 1st, will be in the 4 year old camp.) If you would like your child to participate in an age group appropriate to his school year (for children held back one year in school), a note from  your school district is required stating the grade your child will be enrolled in the fall of 2017.

When does camp meet?

Camp is June 18th to August 3, 2018.

4, 5, 6, 7 y.o. - M - F, 9:00a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Do the children swim?

Our campers will swim every day with a swim lesson at least once a week. 

What else do the children do?

Traditional camp activities - Arts & Crafts, Singing, Games, etc. We spend a majority of the camp day outside.

What if it is raining outside?

We do plan for rain days.  The facilities on the property allow us to use the locker rooms and youth rooms for dry, inside areas.  We try to follow the camp schedule as close as possible - minus the outside activities. We will complete art projects, play a number of inside games and sing camp songs. If the weather is still not cooperating by the end of the day, we may watch a movie.

What about the very hot days?

On very hot days, we extend swimming times for all age groups. Also, we have several shaded picnic pavilions for low effort activities (arts & crafts, small group time, etc.) and an air-conditioned youth room.

How many children are in your camp?

Our maximum for each age group is as follows:

4 y.o. - 35

5, 6, 7 y.o. - 40.

What is the ratio of campers to counselors?

4 y.o. - 7:1

5, 6, 7 y.o. - 8:1

Swim Lessons (all ages) - 5:1

Who are your camp counselors?

A majority of the counselors are College and High School Students. We require that our counselors be at least 16 years old.

What supervision do the counselors have?

Apart from the Township Recreation Director, day-to-day activities are supervised by a camp director, camp supervisors and the aquatics supervisor. 

Where is the camp?

The park is located at 16652 Buffalo Grove Rd. Our pool is also located at that site.

Are there field trips?

In lieu of an all camp, off site field trip, all campers will participate in the “Camp Carnival”. The 7 year olds may attend an off site field trip.

How much is camp?

Resident rates for the 2018 camp are:

4, 5, 6, 7 y.o. - $875

(Non-resident rates are 50% higher)

How do I register?


Returning campers will have a priority registration in December and early January. Siblings of returning campers are not guaranteed acceptance into camp. If necessary, there will be a sibling lottery on January 9, 2018. 

Residents with new campers will be entered into a lottery. Parents of applicants will not be present for the lottery. The drawing will be held by township staff on Tuesday, January 9, 2018.

All resident applications can be dropped off between November 27, 2017 and January 9, 2018. On Friday, January 12, 2018 non-residents will be allowed to register.

If residents fail to drop off their registration forms between 11/27/17 and 1/9/18, the applications will be placed with the non-residents on a first come, first serve basis beginning 1/12/18. The township will not accept any applications on 1/10/18 and 1/11/18.

My child is a returning camper from 2017, are they guaranteed a spot in the 2018 camp?

Yes, as long as the registration form is received between 11/27/17 and 1/9/18 and you are a Township Resident. Any returning campers not registered at this time will be considered a "new camper" - NO EXCEPTIONS.

Returning Non-Residents are not guaranteed a spot in the 2018 Camp and must register on the Open Registration date of 1/12/18.

Is there an advantage to registering early?

No. Applications received on 11/27/17 have the same chance of getting into camp as applications received on 1/9/18. Remember residents, if you do not turn in your registration forms between these dates, you will NOT be entered into the lottery - no exceptions!

What will I need for registration?

Proof of your child's age. (Birth Certificate)

Proof of residency.

Check for deposit - NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED.

What if I don't have those things on the day I want to register?

The Township will NOT accept your application.

How does the lottery work?

On the day of the lottery, a number will be assigned to each application. That number will also be placed into a hat. Numbers will be drawn at random. If you number is chosen and a position in camp is available, you will be given that position and your deposit will be cashed. If no positions are available, your application will be placed on the waiting list and your deposit check will be returned to you.

What if I have more than one child?

Each child's application will receive its own number, except for multiple births - twins, triplets, etc. will each receive the same number.

What are the chances of someone getting in on the lottery?

Unfortunately, we do not have the answer to that question. It will depend on the number of returning campers registering for the 2017 camp.

What happens if I am on the waiting list?

No deposit will be required for the waiting list - but proof of age and residency will still be required. If a camper drops out, the first person on the waiting list will be contacted.  We will progress down the waiting list until that camp position is filled.

Do you allow friendship requests?

Yes, however, only ONE friend can be requested and that friendship request MUST be reciprocal. If more than one friend is listed, you will not get either friendship request. Siblings in the same age group must request each other as their friendship request to guarantee a spot in the same camp group.

Are the groups co-ed?

Yes, we try to have an even number of boys and girls in each group.

What if we want a special counselor?

We do not honor requests for counselors. Also, we do not honor gender requests for counselors.

Swim Tags

During the first days of camp, lifeguards will be giving campers a brief swim test.  Campers that pass the swim test will be issued a green tag. The green tag allows for unrestricted use of the pool including the waterslide and the deep end. Swimmers who are not issued a green tag will be restricted to the shallow end and the wading pool. We do not have separate tags for the waterslide or deep end of the pool.

The final decision on tags is made by the parents. You may write a letter to the camp director requesting a specific tag for your camper – regardless of the swim test outcome.

We do not test 4 year olds. All 4 year olds will be restricted to the wading pool and the shallow end of the main pool.