NICASA Behavioral Health Services

County and has converted all eligible services to telehealth (both phone and video conferencing). The only services that are temporarily suspended, due to the format and nature of the service provision, are Teen Court, in-school programming, after school programming, Secretary of State services for drivers license issues, and the GOALS program (self-directed computer programming with in-person follow up at the end of the course).  We are also continuing to accept new clients in need of services as well. To help ease some of the requirements, all of our client forms are posted online (English and Spanish) and for those who cannot reach us or need additional help, we have also posted a list of free, virtual resources to assist in recovery and treatment as well.

Our continued services include substance abuse, mental health, and problem gambling assessment and treatment, DUI services, family advocacy and support services (for both community families and those involved with DCFS), WRAParound services for DCFS-involved families, parenting groups, case management, Bridge House (our adult recovery halfway house), Jail High-Utilizer Program (JHUP) for high involvement in the criminal justice system and substance abuse and mental health needs, ARCH program for homeless individuals with co-occurring substance and mental health disorders, and TREE for transitional-aged youth (18-25yrs old) with co-occurring substance abuse and mental health challenges.

 For more information, call 847-546-6450 or visit