Cemetery Prices

Lots are available in both cemeteries. A single grave lot can be purchased for $1,000.

Burial Prices

  • Cremains Burial - $250
  • Full Burial - $900
  • Weekend Cremains Burial - $150 additional
  • Weekend Full Burial - $250 additional

Vernon Cemetery Mausoleum Prices

  • Crypts - $5,000
  • Niches - $800
An archway sign reads Vernon Cemetery.

Vernon Cemetery

Historic Vernon Cemetery is located just north of the intersection of Routes 45 and 21 in Lincolnshire, Illinois.

Many area early settlers are buried in the Vernon cemetery, including captain Daniel Wright, Lake County's first permanent white settler.

A new mausoleum was constructed in the Vernon Cemetery. The mausoleum contains 64 crypts and 24 columbarium niches.

A frontal view of the Vernon Cemetery Mausoleum.

Diamond Lake Cemetery

Diamond Lake Cemetery, is located on the south side of Route 60 between Route 45 and Butterfield Road in Mundelein.


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For more information about the Vernon Township Cemeteries, please call 847-634-1542