Veterans with Disabilities Exemption

The Standard Homestead Exemption for Veterans with Disabilities must be filed every year in order to retain this exemption. However, beginning in 2023, there is a change to the law stating that those veterans with a 100% service-connected disability that is permanent and total will not have to file every year. Those veterans must file in 2023 and then the exemption will be carried forward for subsequent years. All others must continue to file every year.

The renewal can be filed online or in person at the Vernon Township Assessor’s Office. The deadline for filing the renewal application for 2023 is July 31, 2023.

Proof of Disability:

This exemption requires proof of your service-connected disability rating every year. The letter must include an issuing date in 2023 and the percentage of overall service-connected disability. Proof of disability in letter form can be obtained from one of the following:

  • Veterans Affairs Regional Office - call (800) 827-1000. 
  • Veteran’s E-Benefit account at

How to Apply Online:

  • Have your property PIN number and recent service-connected disability award letter. 
  • Go to and click on the SmartFile E-Filing Portal button in the blue bar in the middle of the page. 
  • Log in to your account, create a new account, or log in as a guest. 
  • Click “Available Filings” and choose “EX03: Disabled Persons or Disabled Veterans Exemption Renewal”. 
  • Click “Begin Filing”. 
  • Enter the tax year, 2023, and your property PIN, or search by Owner Name or Address. 
  • Follow the instructions to enter the required information and submit your application.  
  • Upload the service-connected disability letter.
  • If the property is owned in trust, proof of beneficiary of the trust may also be required.

How to File In Person:

  • Bring your ID such as a driver’s license to the Vernon Township Assessor's Office.
  • Bring your current service-connected disability letter.
  • If the property is owned in trust, proof of beneficiary of the trust will also be required. 

 Where to Get Help Completing the Online Application:

Assistance is available from the Vernon Township Assessor’s Office or the Chief County Assessment Office, 847-377-2050.