Mail Box Information

By following these guidelines, you will alleviate most mailbox problems. Of course, we cannot guarantee that your mailbox will last forever. Wet, heavy snow has quite an impact as it comes off a snowplow blade. In any direct skirmish between an errant plow or car and your mailbox, your mailbox will certainly lose. Be assured that we do all we can to keep such skirmished to a minimum and appreciate your efforts to install a mailbox in accordance with the above instructions. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Vernon Township Highway Department.


A treated wood post is recommended over steel. Wood posts are unaffected by road salt which significantly accelerates the corrosion of metal posts. The mailbox shall be mounted on a support structure which is a minimum of 4 by 4 inches, or a maximum of 6 by 6 inches treated wood post, or a minimum of  1 1/2 inches to a maximum of 3 inches diameter light gauge galvanized steel hollow pipe. If you use a 6 by 6 inches treated wood post, a 2 inch hole needs to be drilled through the post at ground level to insure breakaway.

Other support structures such as, but not limited to, masonry columns, railroad rails and ties, tractor wheels, plow blades, milk cans, or barrels filled with concrete are expressly prohibited.  


The mailbox should be U.S. Postal approved and securely attached to the post. 

A standard mailbox is recommended over the more esoteric varieties for two reasons. First, they tend to weather the impact of snow coming off plows better. Township policy limits mailbox reimbursement to $40.00. 

Finally, most people find a row of standard mailboxes actually look better than a cluttered array of artistic interpretations of what should be a rather utilitarian container. Save yourself money and improve the aesthetics of your neighborhood; buy a standard box.


Before you begin the installation, call Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators (JULIE) at 1-800-892-0123 and Lake County Public Works at 847-377-7500. 

Call at least 48 hours before you even start to look for your shovel so all underground utilities can be located. If you don’t call before you dig, you might be in for quite a surprising jolt. You would also be violating a state law.

Post Placement

The post must be located 4 feet from any fire hydrant. The hole should be approximately 36 inches deep to deter frost heaving. A small amount of concrete placed in the hole will help set the post in place.

Mailbox Ordinance

Mailbox Ordinance

A diagram illustrating the proper installation of a mailbox post.