Right-of-Way Work Permits

Any time work is done on the right-of-way of township roads a bond and permit is required. Examples are tree planting or driveway installation or replacement. The permit is issued through the Township's Highway Commissioner, and the bond is issued through the homeowner. The bond is fully refundable after the project is completed and no damage has been found in the Township road right-of-way. It is the homeowner's responsibility to apply for the refund of bond money.

Driveway lights and sprinkler systems cannot be installed in the right-of-way. They should be installed within the confines of your property. Damages to unauthorized installations are the complete responsibility of the homeowner. Unauthorized work may be removed and charges for the work assessed to the homeowner.

The application must be completed and returned to the Vernon Township Highway Department with a set of plans for the permitted work.

Permit Instructions & Forms