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Vernon Township Field Permit Request

  1. Fees per 2.5 Hour Time Block:  Resident - $125, Non-Resident $187.50 

    Maximum of 2 Time Blocks Can Be Reserved Per Day 

  2. Which field(s) are you reserving?*
  3. Dates & Times Requested (list specific dates and times):

    Please list your dates in order of importance. ONLY LIST DATES YOU WILL USE! (You will be charged for ALL dates you receive during the scheduling of fields)

    Maximum of 2 Time Blocks Can Be Rented Per Day

    Minimum 3 business day notice on any cancellation to receive credit towards another date. Rainouts must be reported to the township the next business day.

  4. Player list

    All teams must submit a Player List, follow the link to fill out the form. Please email back to

  5. Rules Governing the Use of Vernon Township Fields
    1. To receive the “Resident Rate”, 50% or more of your team’s players must reside within Vernon Township. 
    2. A roster must be on file at Vernon Township.
    3. A complete list of all players including their address, parent name(s)(if appropriate) and home phone number must be on file. This information will be confidential, used only to verify residency. We will not distribute or sell this information to anyone. 
    4. Team Manager and/or Assistant coach listed on request form MUST be present during all rentals.
    5. No refunds will be issued for cancellations by user group.   Credit towards another date will be given if cancellations are done with at least 3 business day notice or in the event of a rainout, the next business day.  No refunds for unused credit.
    6. Certificates of Insurance naming the Vernon Township as “additional insured” is required from all user groups.  Minimum liability of $1,000,000.00
    7. Application must be made and permits signed by an authorized Vernon Township representative and is valid ONLY on the dates and times shown. The schedule posted at 3050 N. Main Street is the final schedule. 
    8. Field users, including spectators and visiting teams, are not allowed in the township buildings. Portable restrooms are available near fields 2 and 4.
    9. Permits may be canceled and future permits denied and deposits lost if:
    • The individuals are in violation of any ordinances, rules or regulations of Vernon Township.
    • Participants engage in disorderly conduct.
    • Applicants fail to use the scheduled facility without notification to Vernon Township.
    • Applicants are found to be littering or damaging property.
    • User groups are found to be driving vehicles on bike paths.
    • Appropriate field repair is not completed following user activity.
    • Rosters are determined to be inaccurate or falsified.
    1. The posting of advertisement of any products or services for sale is not permitted.
    2. Smoking and Alcohol are not permitted on Park property for any reason.
    3. The sale of any item on Township property must be approved by the Township Supervisor.
    4. Sound amplification systems are not permitted.
    5. No vehicles are allowed on paths or on the grass. 
    6. Users must immediately clear the field if any of the following conditions are observed:
      1. ThorGuard Red Alert Warning (1, 15 second horn sound or strobe light blinking)
      2. Lightning is observed at any time.
      3. Thunder is heard.
    7. Vernon Township is not responsible for any damage to vehicles parked in the Vernon Township parking lots.
    8. Permit holders may NOT ask any other user (with or with out a permit) to leave the field prior to the stated start time on the permit.
    9. Permits are specific to the users. Permit holders may not transfer their field use to ANY other team.
    10. A schedule will be posted at the Administrative Center. Only permitted times will be posted. Permitted times are guaranteed.  All unused times shown on the schedule are on a first come, first serve basis and do not require a permit.
    11. You are responsible for the actions of your team and your opponent. Please make sure they understand and abide by the field rules and regulations.
    12. It is fully understood and agreed to by all parties that the sponsoring organization guarantees to indemnify and hold harmless Vernon Township, its public officials, employees, volunteers and agents against any and all suits of any manner which might arise as a result of the covered activities and that the sponsoring organization agrees to defend said Township, its public officials, employees, volunteers and agents and indemnify same against any and all expenses incurred in the defense of any suit of any type arising out of the covered activity or any damages, judgements or decree which might be awarded against said township in the event that the suit should be brought as the result of the covered activity(ies) as identified above.

  6. I have read the rules governing the use of Vernon Township fields and agree that the group using the requested athletic field on the above date and times will abide by them. I also understand additional rules and rule changes may occur at any time. I understand these rules are non-negotiable and Vernon Township is the final authority on all rules and regulations pertaining to the Vernon Township fields.

  7. Electronic Signature Agreement*

    By checking the "I agree" box below, you agree and acknowledge that 1) your application will not be signed in the sense of a traditional paper document, 2) by signing in this alternate manner, you authorize your electronic signature to be valid and binding upon you to the same force and effect as a handwritten signature, and 3) you may still be required to provide a traditional signature at a later date.

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